Friday, October 08, 2010

8 Years in Jail Because Cops Lied

JusticeEvidence pointed to Maurice Patterson being innocent, so they lied about it. Man convicted of murder goes free -
A bloody knife found near the scene of the killing had Head's DNA mixed with that of another person but not Patterson's.

"The prosecution, however, falsely told Patterson's judge and jury that the knife did not have the victim's DNA on it and was not connected to the murder," Warden said.

A police officer backed up that statement on the witness stand.
So what will happen to those "public servants" who lied, and stole 8 years from a man's life? Probably nothing, given that 8 years have passed. (And this is Chicago.)

The "Criminal Justice System:" More criminal than concerned with Justice. Because they get rewarded for "solving" cases and getting convictions. Why worry about the Truth?

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