Monday, October 04, 2010

And It's About Damn Time He Quit

Freaking idiot. Wis. prosecutor quits after 'sexting' abuse victim - U.S. news -

First the Powers-that-be wanted to whitewash this idiot's sexting of a domestic-violence-abuse-victim to start a relationship. But that didn't work once his actions came to light.
The Office of Lawyer Regulation, which oversees lawyer conduct, office quietly closed the case against Kratz in March without a formal review, saying his behavior was inappropriate but didn't appear to be an ethical violation.

The office reoponed the case last month, though, bowing to intense public pressure following the AP's stories.
In case anyone doesn't realize, relationships at work are a bad idea. This is the king of bad ideas.

Can you spell, "questionable judgment?"

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