Friday, October 15, 2010

Gotta Love Those Unintended Consequences

Chicago's Mayor Daley sold the parking meter franchise to a firm that promptly raised parking rates astronomically. Keeping people away from the meters, from the city generally. Now we have this.... Twenty 200-pound parking meter boxes stolen :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: City HallRevenues have recovered somewhat, but the anger they generate is ongoing.
Motorists were initially so incensed by the rate hikes tied to the deal, they vandalized and boycotted meters, leading to a dramatic drop in on-street parking.
And while the revenues are back, the number of people parking is down. This is another way that Daley and the Chicago Dems have found to drive people away from businesses.


Anonymous said...

Wait, so a government privatizes a business they shouldn't be involved in to begin, people who don't want to pay the free market rate now that it's no longer being subsidized by the government respond by robbing the new business, and your response is that the government out to be forcing the business to lower its prices to appease the thieves.

Did I wake up in bizzarro world today?

Zendo Deb said...

Actually I don't think they should have privatized parking on public streets. The city owns/maintains the streets. If you are going to charge to park - probably a requirement in urban centers if you don't want abandoned vehicles - it should be the city collecting the funds

And Daley did the whole thing to "make money for the city." The real result: drive even more business out of the city. They aren't making the money projected. Everyone - even Da Mayor - admits it was a mistake, and people are so pissed off they are taking it out on the meter-boxes. Not surprising really.