Friday, October 01, 2010

I Still Won't Buy From Government Motors

The September car sales numbers were just released. Better than I expected. Car sales news: good to great and Chrysler, Ford, GM auto sales gains in U.S. market in Sept.

 Company  Percent Change Volume
 Toyota Up 16.8% 147,162 
 NissanUp 34%74,205 
 HondaUp 26.1%97,361 
 FordUp 46%160,873 
 ChryslerUp 61%100,077 
 HyundaiUp 47.7%46,556 
 GMUp 10.5%173,155 
[Note: Toyota includes both the Toyota brand (130,214) and Lexus (16,948).]

Chrysler mainly looks good this year because last year - 62,197 - was so bad. And Hundai/Kia had such a small base to begin with, but they are making some real progress.

So, does a rising tide really raise all boats? Sure looks that way.

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Rich E said...

I bought a 2010 Ford Escape rather than GM or Chrysler just because Ford did NOT take the bail out, (and I like the car :)

My family has been Chrysler people for decades.