Thursday, October 21, 2010

Isn't Cooperation Supposed to Ensure Safety?

Those who hate the idea of self-defense are always saying that if we give criminals what they want, we will be safe. Too bad that isn't true. Clerk killed in store robbery
Security video shows the suspect wandering through the store, then walking out. He returned a few seconds later with a black revolver in his hand and demanded money. The clerk complied, and the suspect shot the victim once in the chest, then fled with an undisclosed amount of cash
Violent criminals don't stop being violent because you are acting like a sheep. Of course I don't even know if any form of defense is legal in the People's Republic of California.

Cooperating with criminals is a strategy, though not a particularly good. It is not a guarantee. You go ahead and act like a sheep. Just don't expect me to share in your delusions.

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