Friday, October 22, 2010

October Is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

For what that's worth. (Gee, a whole month?) They will hold candlelight vigils, and marches, and talk about restraining orders and do a whole lot of things. But the mainstream organizations won't talk too much about self-defense (you can't rely on yourself, rely on "the system") and none of them will use the "F-word:" firearm. You know, that means of self-defense that would let a 120 pound woman defend herself from attack by a 200 pound man. Can't have that. (Most shelters won't even run "Refuse To Be A Victim" that only mentions firearms in the last 5 minutes - as a choice, and something explore further. That and the fact it is a seminar offered by the NRA.

Domestic violence is a big problem in this country. Solving the Problem of Domestic Violence | Eyewitness News 9
More than half of all women murdered in the US will be killed by an ex-lover. Domestic violence is a growing problem across the country.
That is an amazing statistic. Half the women who are murdered will be killed by someone who thinks they are in love. What crap.

And it isn't only a problem for married women. Teen dating violence seminar - KNDO/KNDU Tri-Cities, Yakima, WA |
Young women between 16-and-24 are more likely than any other group to experience intimate partner violence. One-in-three young women will experience some form of dating violence in their relationships.
I don't know if it has always been this way, or because today no one talks to kids about right and wrong, or how to settle differences like civilized folks.

Restraining orders are almost always in the news. I got tired of reading about how they fail to do much restraining, but if you read the posts under the domestic violence category there are plenty of examples of how they fail. Restraining orders are interesting legal documents; they are not bullet-proof vests. If you truly need a restraining order or order of protection because a violent ex, you need a plan for your personal safety as well. I believe in the self-defense value of firearms, but you can plan differently. But you should plan something aside from calling 911 and waiting to be rescued.

And even if the cops respond to a call for help - they always (or mostly) do - that doesn't mean the rest of the system will step up. All too often, charges are not filed, and the abuser spends little, if any, time in jail. Consider the following: City College murder victim sought help from Family Justice Center.
Three weeks before her murder, Gonzalez filed the police report alleging Armando Perez kidnapped her from a parking lot near City College, choked her to unconsciousness, and sexually assaulted her in motel rooms over a three day period.

Police arrested Perez September 24, but the district attorney's office declined to file charges citing insufficient evidence. Perez walked out of jail five days later.
There are numerous examples of people being arrested multiple times for violation of restraining orders, and never charged or held, until they escalate to murder or attempted murder.

But the month is almost over, so in a week or so, folks can drop the awareness and go back to ignoring the people around them struggling, and in some cases dying, because of domestic violence.

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