Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quote of the Day - Political Division

Heh. Barack Obama and the Chamber of Secrets - Reason Magazine
"Stealing democracy," as you may know, loosely translated, means: Holy crap, Republicans are going to win an election.
So the Dems have got their panties in a twist because the Chamber of Commerce gets some money overseas.

Well, so do the unions. Where is the outrage that they are using foreign money to buy campaign ads?
Money is fungible. So it will be interesting to hear how Democrats defend their support of government funding for, say, Planned Parenthood, which, one could point out, is also using fungible government dollars to regularly fund abortions. I believe that's illegal, as well.
And do you really want to pick on the Chamber of Commerce? Really?
If the United States Chamber of Commerce—composed of some of the most moderate, milquetoast, government-friendly saps in the country—is now on the enemies list, who exactly does the president think is reasonable? If the crony capitalists aren't good enough for Barack Obama, who is?

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