Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Quote of the Day

What if she was a Wiccan and it was revealed that she had dabbled in Christianity? Would anyone care? Somehow, I doubt it.

All the focus would be on her current religion.
Religion overshadows candidate’s actions : The Rebel Yell

Funny how that double standard works. And it's sad how people don't believe the the freedom of religion.

(If you aren't sure who is being discussed in this quote, you are living in a cave, with no TV. I'm not sure how you are on the internet.)

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Anonymous said...

Given the extent to which O'Donnell's wing of the Republican Party has prospered by pandering to Christian identity group politics, I find the fact that she's being done in by the same sort of religious paranoia (indeed, the secret-witch accusations almost perfectly mirror the secret-muslim accusations routinely leveled at Obama) more of a case of a person getting justly hoist by their own petard.