Monday, October 04, 2010

Self-defense is Legal in Colorado

You knew it would be. Liquor store clerk won't be charged in shooting - Aurora Sentinel: Hp Metro
A liquor store clerk shot Marcel McMichael, 34, and Henry James, 37, on Sept. 22 when the pair — their faces covered and one of them brandishing a gun — stormed a liquor store near East Mississippi Avenue and South Tower Road, said Aurora police spokeswoman Detective Shannon Lucy.

McMichael was shot in the arm and released from the hospital to county jail Thursday, police said. James remained hospitalized Friday but police said he is expected to survive. When he is released from the hospital, he will be taken to jail.
No charges will be filed against the clerk, because in Colorado, self-defense is not only a human-right, it is also your legal right.

Or how would you react to two masked, armed individuals in your place of business?

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