Friday, October 15, 2010

The Usual Suspects Have Their Panties in a Twirl Over "Stand Your Ground"

The St Petersburg Times is one of the most far-left papers I have every seen. Five years since Florida enacted "stand-your-ground" law, justifiable homicides are up - St. Petersburg Times

You see they are all bent out of shape over the fact that justifiable homicides are up in St. Petersburg.

They won't report on crimes that happen in that fair city - it might scare the tourists, don't you know.

Is Florida's Stand Your Ground law perfect? Is anything created by flawed human beings perfect?

But it is better than when cops just arrested (and DAs prosecuted) every person who defended themselves or family. Even with the law, some in the "Criminal Justice System" still want to arrest everyone.
Take the case of Jimmy Hair.

In 2007, he shot a man who attacked him outside a Tallahassee nightclub. Meggs' office accused him of murder. Hair spent two years in jail awaiting trial before an appeals court dismissed the charge.
Lot's of quotes from folks like Peter Hamm of the Brady Campaign.

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