Saturday, May 28, 2011

Years Too Late, But At Least They Woke Up to Reality

The UN's International Maritime Organization finally accepts the idea of armed guards on ships. BBC News - Piracy: IMO guidelines on armed guards on ships

Only about 10% of ships carry armed guards even through the pirate-infested Somali waters. That should rise.
The IMO says there were 489 reports of piracy and armed robbery against ships in 2010 - up more then 20% on 2009.

The areas worst affected were the Indian Ocean, East Africa and the Far East including the South China Sea, South America and the Caribbean.
The value of piracy is going up. The penalties are still remote - the international task force hasn't done more than put a dent in the whole problem.

This is actually a big deal for the gun-hating UN. Admitting that government isn't the answer and that individuals need to rely on themselves. That must have have hurt those poor state-loving socialists.

There are still issues with when ships enter port, but at least they recognize the problem needs a more active solution.

Friday, May 27, 2011

They Can't Be Bothered To Care for People

They are "professionals." That means providing care is beneath them. Hospitals failing to provide basic care for elderly - Telegraph
Inspectors found patients in some wards were being prescribed water after nurses left them thirsty for more than 10 hours, while others went hungry after being denied help with eating.
I can't wait until we have socialized medicine, and all the health-care providers are government employees nearly impossible to fire. Even if they don't do their jobs.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Thought Socialized Medicine Was Supposed to Fix All Problems

It seems that taking kids to what we would call the Emergency Room to treat everyday ailments is becoming the norm in the UK. More children taken to A&E as GP care declines - Telegraph
The proportion of children being taken to A&E with common illnesses has increased by 42 per cent over the past decade as care provided by GPs has declined, new research suggests.
This is the difference between having health coverage and receiving health care. NHS provides coverage (payment for services), but more and more there is no one to provide the service.

Our Dear Leader and his crew on the Left derided anyone who said that taking folks to the ER for health care were just insane. But that is exactly what the great and glorious OK NHS is doing.
It says the rise could be down to a “reduction in out-of-hours service provided by the patient’s usual family doctor”, as well as operators on NHS Direct phone lines telling callers to go to A&E.
Go figure.

In other UK Health News Britain 'worst for MS in Western Europe' - Telegraph Neurologists are "stretched" in the UK. (Lack of training. Lack of Nurses. Lack of Doctors.)

And here I thought that putting health care in the hands of the bureaucrats was supposed to solve all problems.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Good Guys 2: Bad Guys 0

If you break into enough homes, you will eventually find an armed homeowner. 1 Dead, 1 Injured When Homeowner Fires On Burglars - News Story - KIRO Seattle

He caught two idiots breaking into his garage. He was holding them at gunpoint (waiting for the police - who showed up a few minutes late) when they decided to charge the guy holding the gun.
"While he was detaining them, both suspects charged at him. He fired at both subjects and hit both of them," [Tacoma police spokesman Mark] Fulghum said.

One of the burglars staggered down the alley and died; the other fell wounded, he said.

Police said the homeowner tried to help the injured burglar, administering first aid until firefighters and police arrived.

"Right now, early indications are that we was defending his house and then when he was charged he was defending himself," Fulghum said.
Self-defense works

Why Does This Look Better Than Most Movies Out There Today?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Woman: ‘I shot him as much as I could'

Woman: “I shot him as much as I could” That's exactly what you are supposed to do, since he never stopped being a threat.

He attacked her while she was in the shower. He forced into the bedroom. He got just exactly what he deserved.
moments later police found her would-be attacker dead in the back yard
Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

The Greek Tragedy Continues (And You Thought US Finances Were in Trouble)

Greece suffers fresh blow as credit rating cut by Fitch - Telegraph. It seems that all those pesky promises that the Greeks made last year when they were handed a few billion Euros by the European Union, aren't going to be kept. Little things, like don't spend more money than you have.

The Germans were pissed before (they are footing a big part of the bill) and even more pissed now.
But Jens Weidmann, the new head of Germany's central bank and a member of the European Central Bank's governing council, argued it was a nation's responsibility to sort out its own finances.

"It is first and foremost up to Greece itself to take appropriate additional steps," he said. "If a country fails to do so, further support should no longer be taken for granted and the country should be prepared to bear the severe consequences that are likely to ensue once financial assistance is withdrawn."
In other words, fix this problem now, or be prepared to be left standing out in the cold.

(The Dutch are also not happy about footing the bill, and were so vocally unhappy they were kept out of a recent round of talks. They weren't happy about that either.)

Meanwhile, European Central Bank threatens to pull the plug on Greek lending - Telegraph A restructuring of the Greek debt would make Greek bond ineligible to be used as collateral when European banks are calculating how and who to loan to. It would pull the rug out from under Greek financial institutions. (Think freezing of the Credit Default Swap market we endured a while back.)

And if all that isn't enough we have all those protests in Spain - in part due to the "austerity measures" since Spain is likely to also need a bailout. But the 21% unemployment isn't helping. (Certainly they will need a bailout if they don't cut government spending in a big way.)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chicago Cops Arrested for Sexual Assault

2nd police officer charged in sex attack posts bond - (Wouldn't want the suburbs to get all the press.)
Officer Paul Clavijo, 38, was charged with sexually assaulting two women in separate attacks just weeks apart in March while he was on duty and in uniform, and his partner, Officer Juan Vasquez, also 38, was accused of raping one of the alleged victims.
The lawyers for the cops say the sex was consensual.
Jon Loevy, a lawyer for the woman allegedly assaulted March 30 by both officers, blasted the claim, calling it an “outrageous way to spin this.”

“These are on-duty police officers,” Loevy said. “They were armed with guns. She was a young woman who was not in a situation where she had a choice.”
Both cops managed to post $500,000 bond.

Don't Laugh at the Cops

Police brutality is not just a problem for Chicago of course, the suburbs are now in on it. Calumet Park Police Officer Lynell Porch, 39, is accused of tripping and choking a teenager during an arrest |

Teens gathering was "suspicious activity."
Prosecutors say on June 16, 2010 Porch and his partner were called to a car wash to check out teenagers possibly selling drugs.

"There were no narcotics found on anyone at the car wash," said Lynn McCarthy, Assistant State's Attorney.
He was apparently insulted that the teenager didn't respect his authority.
But that wasn't the end of it according to prosecutors who say Porch went up to the victim to have a private conversation with him.

"The officer introduced himself as the new narcotics and gangs officer in Calumet Park. And reportedly the victim laughed and the officer told him he was under arrest," said McCarthy.

Prosecutors say while the teenager was handcuffed Officer Porch lifted the victims' arms behind his back causing him to lean over. Then porch intentionally tripped the boy, according to prosecutors, and the 16-year-old fell face first on the pavement.
Medical attention was needed, and the teen ended up needing a root canal on one tooth.

There is tape of the officer choking the kid.
The [officer] is being held at the Cook County Jail on a $79,000 bond.
He is charged with aggravated battery, filing a false police report and official misconduct.

Women and Concealed Carry

More women packing heat At least in Nebraska.

Pretty nice story, no gratuitous appearances by the Brady Bunch. And fairly short.

Walgreens Fires a Hero

Herald Palladium > Local News > Walgreens fires armed worker

He used his own weapon to defend against an attack, and his reward was to be fired.
Hoven, a Buchanan native, joined Walgreens in 2006 at the Pipestone Road store. He became night shift pharmacist at the Napier Avenue store when it opened in 2007.

The store was robbed by four neighborhood residents, one carrying a gun, in December 2007.

Afterward, Hoven said, he and other workers complained verbally to managers about the store's security shortcomings. He said nothing was done.
Typical. Big corporation doesn't want to invest in security. Doesn't want employees to provide their own security. What do they want? Dead employees? (I bet there is a fair amount of security at corporate headquarters.)

Walgreen's has no stated policy on self-defense or concealed carry, so he may sue for wrongful termination.

So really, what does Walgreen's want? For the employees to just hand over the drugs and money? Cooperating with criminals does not make you safe. Legal concealed carry does not make you unsafe. [via NRA-ILA]

Friday, May 13, 2011

Not Surprising for a Man Married to a Child

Bin Laden hideout had extensive porn stash, officials say I wonder if it was all approved by a cleric.

Of course they don't want to appear to be denigrating the dead, so they have this disclaimer.
But the officials said they did not know where in the compound the materials were found. They might not have belonged to -- or been viewed by -- bin Laden himself.
He was too busy planning stuff.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Arned Homeowner: Dead Home Invader

Flint woman shoots intruder as he tries to enter her home |

If you break into enough homes, you will eventually meet an armed homeowner.

This 16-year-old home invader was warned the woman had a gun. He didn't pay attention to that warning and got shot.

The Brady Bunch will lament over a "teen, tragically shot." That he was involved in a felony and shot in self-defense is not of interest to them. (Why clutter the issue with facts?)

6 Idiots Outside a Gay Club, With a Bat, But No Evidence of Hate Crime

Man in critical condition after attack outside Downtown El Paso gay club - El Paso Times

I find it hard to believe that police are really that stupid.
Police said the man was waiting for a ride outside the Old Plantation Night Club, 301 S. Ochoa, when a verbal confrontation began between the victim and six other males.

Police said that the verbal confrontation became physical and the six suspects allegedly began punching, kicking the victim. The group allegedly also used a bat to hit the victim.
A friend tried to intervene and her vehicle window was smashed with the bat.

Gay-bashers are cowards and usually travel in packs. A fair fight? It isn't about fair, but instilling terror.

A baseball bat is often the preferred instrument.

Unless security footage clearly shows a license plate, they will never be found. Mostly because the police won't look all that hard. And assuming that none of the six were off-duty cops venting a little hate.

Now, tell me exactly why someone coming out of a gay nightclub, where they do in fact serve alcohol, should not be allowed a weapon for self-defense.

The guy who got bashed is in critical condition.

European Finances (and you thought we had problems)

Calculated Risk: Updates on Greece and Ireland

Ireland won't pay back the bailout "loans" they just received. (Not at the current interest rate anyway.)

Greece isn't meeting its targets for cutting deficit spending, so they will need another bailout.

And since the Dutch aren't too happy about their part of footing the bill (and vocally unhappy at that) they got cut out of the Greek talks.

The UK - even though they aren't part of the Euro - are also on the hook. And not happy about it. £7 billion for the Irish bailout. Between £4.3 billion and £6 billion for the Portuguese handout. Another £1 billion for the Greek tragedy, with more to flow through the IMF.

One big happy family? Not hardly.

Some Animals Are More Equal Than You Are

You shouldn't be able to protect yourself, but he should have police protection. Daley calls retirement bodyguard request ‘appropriate’ - Chicago Sun-Times

In the People's Republic of Illinois, they are actually voting on concealed carry. Of course the Governor has said he will veto any such law. Why? Choose among all the reasons that politicians fought concealed carry in every state where it passed. Gunfights in the street. Wild West. Of course it never came to pass, but why clutter the issue with facts.

Mayor Daley was foremost in the opposition core. Letting law-abiding citizens have access to means of self-defense would crush civilization, or something.

But now that he is leaving office, he thinks he should get a police detail to protect him and his family. (He may or may not have asked for cars to be provided too, that isn't clear.)

So you are on your own without access to the tools of self-defense. He thinks he should get government body-guards. So much for equal before the law.