Sunday, November 13, 2011

So, This Is What Happens When There Are No "Boots on the Ground"

Obama & Co. (Including NATO) decided that they could fight a remote control war. And for the most part they were right. A few problems, but on the whole everything worked out pretty well. Except now there is a vacuum. And people don't like vacuums. Six Dead as Libyan Militias Clash Near Tripoli -
Lethal rivalries have emerged within the huge population of Libyan fighters who rose up against Colonel Qaddafi’s rule. The poorly trained and only moderately organized militias are often suspicious of one another and are sometimes openly hostile, posing difficult problems for the transitional council now trying to govern the country.
Who could possibly have guessed?

Too soon to say that this is a civil war, but it sure looks like it could go that way.

Of course if there were NATO troops there, they would have started acting as "peace keepers." But NATO doesn't have troops on the ground, because that was not politically feasible.

Again, it is early days. But if Libya descends into the abyss of civil war, who will be responsible? (Didn't NATO have a part in arming some of these militias?)

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