Friday, May 18, 2012

Cheeky Bastards!

You have to love the RAF.... RAF rescue helicopter makes unexpected beach landing - so crew can buy ice cream - Telegraph Heh, they are entitled to a tea break, same as you.
The cheeky crew members were spotted emerging from their aircraft on the sand at Winterton-on-Sea, Norfolk.

Worried beachgoers watched as they headed towards the shoreline and then pop into Winterton Dunes Beach Cafe.

Owner of five years Carmel Shiggins said she had never seen the helicopter land there before.

She said when people asked why they'd landed they didn't believe her. She said: "People had been coming in asking what they were doing, was there an emergency? And I said no, they come in for an ice cream."
They weren't in breach of regulations, since practicing landing on beaches is one of the things they do, while training.

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