Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Greeks Pissed Off at Germans, Still Want the Tourism Income

Yeah, didn't think that was going to happen. Germans Afraid of Greek Anger Avoid Vacations in Blow to Economy - Businessweek
German taxi driver Rudolf Kugel, who says he’s visited Greece more times than he can count, won’t be going again anytime soon to the Mediterranean sunspot because he’s concerned about the reaction of local people.

“They hold Germans responsible for all their misery,” said the 62-year-old from near Stuttgart. “You want to go on holiday to have a comfortable break, not to be lynched.”
And Germans are traditionally a big part of the Greek tourism economy, which is 16 percent of the Greek economy.
Revenue from German tourists declined 61 percent to 10.3 million euros in February, the most recent month for which there is data available, while there were 12.7 percent fewer arrivals from Europe’s biggest economy compared with the previous year
So, which is it? Are you angry with the Germans, or do you want them to come and spend money?

Fewer Euros. Few Euros to be taxed. Fewer jobs. Fewer rent payments. Bigger headaches. People are already forecasting food shortages, once Greece abrogates its most recent agreements.
[hat tip to Tam for sending me to another story on this topic.]

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