Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Guthroth and the Freedom of Religion

May (or the month of Merrymoon, as it was once known) 9th is the day to remember Guthroth. He was one of the minor Upland Kings of Norway. Norway was still divided into several small kingdoms.

Olaf Tryggvason, Olaf the First, of Norway was busy trying to "unite" the country. This consisted mostly of killing people who didn't want to follow his edict that they convert to Christianity. But he didn't stop at killing.

When Olaf's forces captured Guthroth, Olaf had his tongue cut out. For the crime of worshiping Gods of his choice, or of disagreeing with Olaf. (It can be hard to tell from this vantage point.)

Olaf was later canonized as Saint Olaf. A murdering, torturing SOB? It was all in a good cause.

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