Thursday, May 24, 2012

New York Senator Wants To Publish Your Home Address on the Internet

Politicians who don't know the first thing about technology - or what it is to deal with a violent stalker - should just leave the issue of privacy alone. New York Senate bill seeks to end anonymous internet posting | Today in Tech - Yahoo! News
In effect, the bill is an online stalker's dream. Of course, the most likely result of the bill's passage would just be the full-scale elimination of all comment systems everywhere, because the system is an unworkable burden on both the poster and the "web site administrators" who would need to respond to ludicrous take down requests at all times of the day.
Yeah, that's a good idea. Back in the age of VHS tapes, we used to say that if you went to the house of someone like this, the clock on their video recorder would be blinking 12 o'clock, because they didn't have the faintest idea of how to program it. But that wouldn't stop them from telling you exactly how technology *SHOULD* work.


Zendo Deb said...

OK, So he's just a New York Senator. (They haven't sent him to DC yet.)

It is still a bad idea

Derfel Cadarn said...

I comment alot and I say what I think and believe I have no problem posting my address as long as the bill allows me to use deadly force against anyone that would persecute my family or myself for my beliefs. Because my position is less popular does not make it wrong nor does it make illegal.So let me ask this when the crazies come to damage me my family or my home will they be required to produce valid ID before initiating their attack? Just asking.