Wednesday, May 02, 2012

No Gays in a Republican Campaign.

Richard Grenell, openly gay Romney aide, resigns after backlash | The Ticket - Yahoo! News He let some witty comments about Hillary and few others go on Twitter. That was too much. (I guess it is only the left that can attack and insult people.) But the real issue was the fact that he was gay.
Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, took issue with Grenell over his criticism of the Bush administration’s failure to sign a December 2008 U.N. resolution that called for decriminalizing homosexuality across the globe.
Yeah, because it would be just awful if countries stopped executing people for who they loved. Just awful. </sarcasm>

I don't think the social conservatives want to win this election. I think they are having so much fun hating Obama, that they would rather put up with four more years than do anything that even looks like it might not qualify as "turning back the clock" to 1950. Because, hey, if you were a white Christian, 1950 was a pretty good time. Not so much for everyone else.

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