Friday, July 13, 2012

Interesting Story in an Unusual Place

A mostly pro-gun article in the mostly left wing Utne Reader. Who'd a thunk it? Target Market: Black Women With Guns - Mind & Body - Utne Reader: For J. Victoria Sanders, joining the ranks of women with guns means earning a concealed handgun license and coming to terms with Black feminism.

It's a fairly long article that covers how those on the left hate the idea of armed self-defense. (That's what police are for, isn't it?) I will just give you the caption to the opening.
Texas Department of Public Safety data show that the fastest-growing group of concealed handgun owners in the state has been, for at least five years, black women.
It is worth clicking through.

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NotClauswitz said...

Pretty telling that, "women with guns are marginalized in a feminist culture that promotes unarmed resistance..." that is based on a *Patriarchal* and politically-correct motivation, "women oppress each other with our inability to make room for alternative models of self-protection."
Huh. Good reading indeed.