Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Leaving Blogger? Leaving Google?

Every once in a while, pissed off at the incompetence that is Blogger, I start looking for an alternative. (The ice cream may be free, but that doesn't mean I have to put up with it when it is bad.)

But now it isn't just about Blogger. It is about Google. I use Yahoo! for a search engine most of the time. I use Bing News and Yahoo! News as much as Google these days. Google keeps showing me what it THINKS I want to see, instead of the average search results. More than annoying really.

Anthroblogogy has moved to Not Clauswitz. With some valid points.

Their steadfast determination to exclude anything firearm-related from Google Shopping while insanity is perfectly OK. (Warning: if you follow all the links to the end of that chain it is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. And you may never be able to get the images burned in your retinas to fade.) At some point you have to decide who your friends are, and who they are not.

So maybe it is time to dust off the Wordpress version of this blog I have been playing around with for going on 5 years, and move on. Love to hear your thoughts.


Zendo Deb said...

The one thing I am not sure of... should I copy everything here to the new place, or just leave the history alone?

SiGraybeard said...

How about the lazy person's option (that is, my approach)? Leave everything here with a link to the new place.

Or just take pieces you think are particularly important.

On your main topic, I've gone through some of that myself, and haven't really seen a good option. Perhaps Tumblr, but... I don't know.

NotClauswitz said...

It wasn't as hard as I feared, and in the end after processing it looks like everything got through, going way-back.
The hardest part was coming up with new names and such, using my Yahoo! mail for that, but still using Gmail for some other...
keep thinking that with Google's "captcha" now we're training its future drones to recognize targets...

TheMinuteman said...

Hit up my Contact Me page on my site if you're interested in migrating.

I just migrated A Girl and Sean.

Making all your content transfer over isn't actually too bad if you're using (self-hosted). I'm not sure if it can effectively be done with though.

I am working on a solution though that will be much like, it's still wordpress but my own multi-site install. Whereby you can ensure that everything forwards correctly.

If you're interested I'm more than happy to help, I'm looking for some people to help me flush the kinks out of the new Multi-site.

If you want to self-host on your own, I'm more than happy to help you set it up. It's actually pretty darn easy.