Saturday, August 18, 2012

How Much Energy Does Wind Contribute to the UK's Energy Usage?

A fair question, since the UK has embarked on a massive wind-power build-up. Even when it means destroying national parks (mostly in Scotland, but who is paying attention to that?) The great wind delusion has hijacked our energy policy - Telegraph.

I love the statistics.

At one point last week, Britain’s 3,500 turbines were contributing 12 megawatts (MW) to the 38,000MW of electricity we were using. (The Neta website, which carries official electricity statistics, registered this as “0.0 per cent”).
So after building thousands of wind turbines, the relatively small country that is the UK (small compared to the US that is) is producing very little in the way of energy.

And when the wind fails, bad things can happen.

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